Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Visiting your home town again

I've lived in Boston for nearly 8 years now. It is home. When I travel, and people ask me where I am from and I choose to go with the easy answer, I respond, "Boston." But Boston is not "my home town."

I am not a Bostonian. I'm not a New Englander. I am, and probably always will be, an Alaskan. If I could avoid ever going back up there, I would, though. I hated living there even more than I love living in Boston.

So what draws a person back to a home town they couldn't wait to leave?

In my case, it's family. My sister and her family moved back a few years ago. They aren't in a position to find opportunities to visit me. So if I want to see them any time in the next decade, I need to make the pilgrimage back home and visit them. And since I'm going, I decided to make a trip of it. I'll be there for 8 days.

Trip is not until October, but I am already thinking about things I want to do:
  • Moose's Tooth pizza and beer
  • Movie/s at the Bear Tooth
  • Crab and macadamia nut stuffed halibut at Simon and Seafort's
  • Letting my nieces (ages 15, 7, and 7) and nephew (age 13) decide on the next color of my mohawk and help me dye it.
  • Rage City Rollergirls - there is a game my one (non jetlagged) Saturday in town. I will have to play this by ear.
  • VivaVoom Brr-Lesque show. :)
  • Drinks with friends
  • Lunch with friends
  • Long walks along the coastal trail
  • Board games with my sister and her family.
  • Games with friends
  • Taking the kids book shopping (Amazon and UPS lost the package with all their Christmas gifts last year) at Title Wave - my favorite bookstore.
 What are the things you look forward to when you return to YOUR home town?

Going back home comes with it so many memories. Good and bad.  And so many changes. It's been five years since I was last in Alaska. Five years since I last saw my sister and her family. I'm excited about revisiting old haunts and seeing how things might have changed. Visiting with old friends. And I can't wait to see the people my nieces and nephew are becoming.