Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Remarkable places to travel solo

Today on Buzzfeed I saw an article on Remarkable Places For Solo Travel and it got me thinking about that again. I've done most of my travel solo. I've really only had a few non-solo trips (short, just overnights or weekends) that have worked out well, so I really do lean toward solo travel and that's why so many of my postings deal with that topic.

But anyway. Back to the Buzzfeed article.

I looked at the 26 places on the list, and my interest definitely got sparked for a few places I'd never really considered as places to visit before.

Portland, OR. I've been to Oregon. My family lived in Eugene for a year when I was a kid, and yet I've never been to Portland. I've got friends there, too, who I would love to visit. And I know my cousin Lesley told me once that she could easily see me living there. (Now that I am re-energized about Boston post breaking my leg, that isn't going to be happening, but I think visiting should definitely be considered!)

Iceland. I've had a lot of friends visit Iceland just in the last year. All of them have come back from the experience with nothing but positive things to say. I've got to say I'd definitely be more tempted by a summer trip than a winter, though. After growing up in Alaska, there is absolutely nothing that could tempt me to visit a Northern location in the winter.

Kenya. Africa is one of the three continents I haven't visited yet, that I want to visit before I turn 40. Most of my interest there has been to either Morocco or South Africa. But I have started becoming more interested in more of a safari-style trip. I'd been leaning toward Tanzania or Zambia... but the little blurb in this article about Nairobi, Kenya does make it sound rather appealing to my adventurous heart.

(I'm not including places from the Buzzfeed list that I already DO want to visit.)