Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Places visited in 2013

I didn't get to do any serious traveling last year, due to my broken leg and general brokenness. But I did get out with some friends from time to time and got to explore a few new places closer to home.

Back in July, my friend Kirsten and I drove down to Connecticut and visited Mystic Seaport. We explored and had a grand time. We ate very yummy seafood. And enjoyed the day tremendously.

In October, my friend Ellen and I drove up to Burlington Vermont. "Purpose" was to check out the changing leaves. But really it was to go on an adventure together. And it was marvelous.

In 2014 I am renewing my hopes of slightly more extended travel.

Goal #1 is trip to New Orleans. - Possibly around the Christmas/New Years holiday I'll have off. I think that could be a lovely time of year to visit.

Goal #2 is a weekend in Montreal. I wouldn't even need a long weekend to really enjoy a trip here. Bus ride wouldn't be too long (7.5 hours), and less than $100.


  1. Montreal is *awesome* and I recommend it highly. Lyonesse and I know a couple of really nice, inexpensive places to stay up there, too, and also restos and bars to visit. Ask if you want suggestions!

    1. I have heard such good things about that city. Once I know for sure when I'll be going I will ask for those suggestions!