Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A bit of brainstorming - Idea #1 for big trip of 2014

I had an idea for what to do with my holiday break next/this year...

Road trip! (*)

I have wanted, ever since moving to Boston, to go on a good long road trip. See parts of the country I haven't seen before and maybe visit friends I haven't seen in a while/family I haven't in a while, and places I've just always wanted to see.

So here is my initial idea... take 2 days off (December 22/23) to give me a few extra days to play with before Christmas Day.

Day 1 (Friday after work) - Fly or take the bus to Washington, DC. Visit overnight with my cousin John and maybe on Saturday get the chance to see friends who have moved down there.

Day 2 - Pick up rental car and head south to Raleigh, NC area (4.5 hours)... visit additional friends.

Day 3 (Sunday 12/21) - head down to Savannah, Georgia (4.5 hours). Spend a couple of days.

Day 5 (Tuesday 12/23) - Drive to North Port, FL (6 hours). Visit my parents through Christmas Day.

Day 8 (Friday 12/26) - Drive to New Orleans, LA (10.5 hours). Spend  a long weekend in New Orleans.

Day 12 (Tuesday 12/30) - Drive to Nashville, TN (7.5 hours). Visit friends for New Year's Eve.

Day 14 (Thursday 1/1) - Drive back to Washington DC (10 hours). Fly home.

Take off January 2 to give me a three day weekend to recover.

Quick estimation of potential costs:

Flight: $200
Rental Car: ~ $500
Gas: ~ $500 (3150 miles roughly of driving.)
Food: $300
Lodging: $500 (just for Savannah and New Orleans, unless I choose to try couch surfing - which I may well do... I could stay with friends and family in DC, Raleigh, North Port, and Nashville)

TOTAL: $2000

That is significantly less than other trips I have been on. My last trip over the holidays cost nearly that much just for the plane ticket. And costs are pure guesses. I tried to pretend plan this over Thanksgiving to give me estimated costs over a major holiday because none of the websites will let me plan into late December yet.

* Keep in mind, this is still me just brainstorming. I may do something else entirely. This is just idea #1.

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