Thursday, December 19, 2013


My office closes between Christmas and New Years. This year, due to having ankle surgery smack dab in the middle of this holiday (as well as just having no money in general due to having JUST moved) I can't take advantage of this gift of time. But... I plot.

My last job also gave me this precious time off. And the first time I ever traveled internationally was done using those 9 days. I went to Dresden, Germany and Paris, France. It was perfect.

I can only imagine what other places I might be able to visit in this amount of time. So that's what I am going to do over my break. I am going to play with researching what I could do with this break some other year. A year when I am not broken (nor broke).

Then I will come back, and share my ideas. It'll be fun.

Best wishes. And I hope everyone enjoys the time coming upon them - with the Solstice, Christmas, and New Years. It is my favorite time of year.