Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dream Destination - Black Rock City

Burning Man

I want to go someday.

This was on my "maybe someday if all the stars align" list, until I went to India and got a much stronger sense of how much I love insane festivals full of light and love and kindness and strangers and being in the middle of something intense. That's when Burning Man skyrocketed closer to the top of my wish list of places I want to visit some day.

I've got friends who go to Burning Man. Friends as part of a theme camp, and friends who go on their own. I have friends who have been going for years, and friends who went for the first time only recently (and among them some have continued to go back while others were all NEVER AGAIN).

A travel blogger I enjoy wrote about his experiences at his first Burning Man this year. It's in 3 parts, and if you've never been but are curious about it from a first-timer's perspective (or if you're a veteran and just love reading about new people) , this is a great place to start reading! (He has a previous post as well about the preparations for his trip that is also fascinating reading.)

My ex-boyfriend goes to Burning Man. And he has encouraged me to keep this dream alive. When I mentioned it to him recently, about what it takes to go... his response was simple. "Time and money."

Time and money. The banes of my travel-addicted existence!

I've been thinking about Burning Man a lot recently. And wondering exactly how much planning would need to go into making it happen. I emailed my best friend in the entire world, to see if going to Burning Man would be something she'd be interested in. I think the two of us together would be a mighty force at an event like that.

I'm not saying that I'll be going to Burning Man next year, or even the following year. But the thought of going is something that never fades from my radar, and is something I expect will be an incredible experience once I do finally manage to go.