Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I have the best friends in the world

Part Three

Two months it has been since I broke my leg. And I keep wondering... what on earth would I have done if this had happened to me anywhere else? Not just talking about possibilities of this happening in another country while on an adventure, but what if I had been living in any other place than where I happen to live?

Here in Boston I was able to quickly get health insurance that will pay for this whole mess. I had the best doctor in the country taking care of me. And I've got an amazing community of friends who have been willing and able to step forward and be incredibly generous. I've had friends letting me stay on their couches and in spare rooms, giving me safe places to stay while I recuperate. Being unable to cook or take care of my own meals I've had friends bringing me meals, bringing me groceries that I don't need to prepare, or sending me credit to the restaurant delivery website FOODLER so I could order delivery. Once I started physical therapy I had friends drive me to my appointments twice a week.

I had friends witness my huge achievements (going up stairs for the first time, getting to put on my own shoes, going up stairs while on crutches, taking my first limited steps again!) and others simply cheering me on as I pushed forward. Keeping me positive even during times I felt pain and frustration at my limitations.

For the last two months I never once felt alone or abandoned by those in my life. They rallied around me, and I am more grateful than I can express. It is humbling, to bear witness to such visible proof of the love and kindness I have in my life. I joke that it is Karma catching up to me. But, you know, I do try to be the best friend I can be to the people in my life. This is proof that trying to be a good person does result in good things in return, when it counts.

Both Dr. Smith and Ned, my adorable physical therapist, tell me I am making huge amounts of progress. I look at what I have accomplished, and they are things I didn't think would be possible this soon two months ago. I have gone, in just two months' time, from being almost thoroughly bedridden, requiring a walker and shuffling slowly and painfully even the shortest of distances... To being on crutches and getting around (relatively easily) finally all on my own. I am partially weight bearing and the prognosis is that I'll be off the crutches altogether in just one more month. It's incredible.

My little brother told me that he knows the reason I did this. He said it was just so I'd have a scar I could compare to the ones our dad has (who does indeed have some doozies!). I have decided that the reason is so I could become part cyborg, so that when the robot army uprises I will be in position to take control and thus eventually gain domination over the entire world. *Smiles* I just know that no matter how or why it all began, I finally see an end to this mess. 

Going to India last year taught me how to persevere through some rather intense emotional shit. Succeeding showed me I could handle anything that comes at me. Making it through this has taught me I can persevere through intense physical shit, as well. Both things also taught me the same lesson... ask for help when I need it. I am not alone, and I have a lot of people who love me. That knowledge is powerful. And something I'll never forget or take for granted.

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