Thursday, February 7, 2013

Travel plans 2013

I have decided on skipping major international adventures this year and the next couple of years. Get myself together, get my finances in order, stabilize my life. Take care of some of the other stuff that requires my attention and money. *grins*

But my wanderlust is still raging, and I need to be able to satisfy those cravings. So I decided I'll go on some shorter adventures closer to home over the next few years. Visit cities I've been wanting to visit. Take a long weekend and explore. Do it in ways that won't require me to take vacation time from work that can be done on a much smaller budget than traveling internationally.

Yesterday I went on TripAdvisor and placed tracking alerts for flights from Boston to New Orleans and San Francisco. Right now, based on responses from my friends and family and what I am gathering on my own regarding where I should visit first... NOLA has the lead in capturing my interest right away and it also has the cheapest plane ticket prices for the times I'm looking at. It would be an autumn trip, as there is no way I am heading south in the summer, and since that would also be the time to go to Chicago I'll postpone Chicago to another year. I believe New Orleans will be easier for me to explore in a single weekend, and there is just a lot more there that I've always wanted to see. So please, if you've been to New Orleans, let me know if there are places you think I should DEFINITELY visit, things I should do, people I should look up, etc.

Next... San Francisco would be lovely no matter when I visit. So if TripAdvisor manages to find me a more inexpensive flight there as early as 4th of July or Labor Day weekends (remember folks, I grew up in Alaska. I *LIKE* cool summer days!)... I'll take it! So as with NOLA, please comment with helpful suggestions and things to do, places to make sure I try to visit, etc. I know of at least 5 people I KNOW who live out in the Bay Area. So a place to sleep will be no problem and I won't need to post to for a place to crash. I desperately want to see The Magic Flute in San Francisco, but it's not on this year's season. So if I do go this year I'll be a lot less restricted by time and activities pre-planned. *smiles*

Since Montreal is also not necessarily seasonally restricted (ok, except for winter) and is also pretty damn close I could look into bus or car options to get there on even a normal weekend. Road tripping with friends would very much depend on how well we are able to spend cooped up in a car together. I may love a person dearly but would want to inflict bodily harm on them after 20 minutes in that small a space. *grins* So will keep that in mind.

So to sum up:

Summer - Possibly bus or car to Montreal on a random weekend? Possibly San Francisco over either 4th of July or Labor Day weekends.

Autumn - Possibly New Orleans over Columbus Day weekend.