Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Somewhat more rational planning

Ok... when I last checked in I was still doing the post-trip ups and downs that come from major changes in my life. I was buzzing from the adventure and wanting quite desperately (despite how happy I was to be home!) to go back and have more adventures RIGHT NOW!  It's the same thing that happens whenever I am manic and feel myself sliding down. I find myself thinking I'd do anything to get back to that high, even if it's not practical, safe, or remotely possible. Then when those hopes fall apart I follow suit. So I needed to wait until my brain calmed down more before I could sit down and figure out plans that will put me back in line with my future goals.

So I did some thinking. I talked to the people closest to me. I looked at what I had done right and what I had done wrong in preparing for the before, during, and afters of my India trip. And I began making plans.

Short range plan - I was broke and this was starting to create some major issues in my brain. I needed an immediate source of income. Temp agency came through for me. I'm in a situation where for the next eight weeks I can approach my next plan from a bit more safety.

Mid-range plan - I am not done traveling. I am still filled with crazy wanderlust. So rather than throw myself around like a child's bouncy ball in a racquet ball court I am going to draw on one of the primary lessons learned in India. I will be patient. So... I have decided to stick around Boston a bit more semi-permanently for the next two to three years. I am going to look for a job - in a field I could see myself wanting to work in more permanently eventually (travel industry) - where I can gain experience for several years before I take off to travel some more and cross off another continent or two. I'll save money from my temping and find an apartment once I get a real job lined up.

To satisfy my travel cravings I will partake in shorter or smaller adventures. From somewhat local-ish adventures (will be posting more frequently asking if folks might be up for random road trips... I desperately want to visit Cooperstown, for instance!) to slightly longer road trips (Montreal? I've never been there!) to trips to places I've never been but have always wanted to visit that would be simple to arrange (San Francisco and New Orleans come to mind!).

I will save my money, and when I am ready to tackle my next big adventure I hope I'll have a better plan in place for the before/during/after than what ended up happening with India.

Long-range plan - What do I actually want to do with myself once I'm done adventuring? I am tired of working for universities. I do NOT want to be stuck working in administration for the rest of my life. I'm working on my book about traveling with bipolar. I hope to have it finished this year. But I'm so not disciplined enough to be a full time writer. *laughs* So I will need to find a job. However...I am pretty particular and if I don't outright love what I am doing I am going to be miserable and why the hell should I be miserable? So what do I love? If I find work in the travel industry for the next few years and discover that it is something I enjoy being around I can look into what I may need to do in order to get the jobs OUTSIDE of administration so I can start doing other things. That's an option. But in reality, I don't actually need to start thinking about any of this quite yet. It's just sort of on the distant horizon, and I wanted to put it out there so I can take off down a road that may lead me this direction. I may hit a roadblock or a detour. I may hop on a plane and go somewhere completely different. But at least I have a direction to start off in, and that's what matters.

And it boils down to...

TL:DR - I'll be around for the next few years. After that, who knows? But for the next few months I'll be looking for a permanent job in the travel industry while I continue temping. And I'll be aiming to find an apartment by April or May. Any ideas or pointers, please let me know!

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