Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jodhpur was... disappointing

I think I found Jodhpur off putting right from the start for several reasons.

1) It was eleven at night, I was tired, it was very dark, and a large group of men crowded around me at the train station as I was looking for the person who was supposed to have a sign with my name on it who would take me to my hotel. This was actually the first time in India I actually felt unsafe. These men were staring, and not the usual stares. These were predatory, like a pack of hyenas. And they were surrounding me, crowding me, practically pressed up against me from every direction. And they were talking in Hindi... I knew they were talking about me but I had no idea what they were saying. I eventually burst into tears and shouted "get the fuck away from me!" I couldn't help it. I was so upset.

2) There was no man with a sign with my name on it, waiting to take me to my hotel. I don't know who is to blame, as both the tour company in Delhi (fucking IIRC) and the hotel blamed the other. Due to my bad experiences I leaned toward believing the hotel, but I was still angry. And pretty much demanded a refund for the cost of the rickshaw, because the cost of a pick-up was included in my stay.

3) The hotel I stayed at that first night had bedbugs. And I'm sorry, but no. Not for a place I'm paying that much a night for.

IIRC did go ahead and switch hotels for me the next day, and the new place was very nice. Comfortable, actually near things, and respectful. But I was already upset and did not bother doing a whole lot of exploring beyond the main market area and taking an afternoon to sketch the clock tower.

I'm glad I was only scheduled for a couple of days there, and was glad to leave. It's the only place so far in India outside of Kashmir I've had that much of a bad reaction to. So I'm going to write it off, shrug it off, and believe it was just an anomaly and not me slowing down and losing my ability to cope at the end of my trip.

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