Monday, November 26, 2012

India introspection

I've been thinking a lot these last three months. When you travel solo you tend to do a lot of that, and India has been a gold mine of topics to think about. Like what is important to me. And how my capacity for change and for dealing with stress has surprised me. Right now, with one week left of my trip I am thinking about those things here in India I will miss when I go home. The things I'll be grateful to leave behind. And what I'm most looking forward to when I get back.

Quick list:

Things I'll miss from India...

* Invitations at nearly every shop to sit and have a cup of chai.
* Color everywhere I turn around.
* Paying the equivalent of fifty cents for a 2L bottle of water.
* Prices in general. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be shell shocked when I get home and am faced with the prices of things.
* The genuine friendliness of people as a whole.
* Kids. I can't get enough of how wickedly adorable the children are in this country. *Laughs*
* Enough sun to actually give ME a tan.
* The sense that I'm doing something with my life.
* OMG the food!!!
* Trains.
* Super inexpensive doctors and medicine!!!
* Haggling.
* Crazy ass motorcycle rides.
* Random gifts from total strangers.
* Laundry service so cheap I can afford to not do my own laundry!

Things I will NOT miss...

* Constant noise.
* Barrage of attention everywhere I go.
* Indian men.
* Pollution.
* How godawful filthy my fingernails get.
* Ditto feet. Manicure and pedicure are HIGH on my list of things I'll do in Delhi the day before I leave (cheaper than waiting til I get home!)
* Cold showers.
* Temperamental power.
* Iffy wifi.
* Hard beds.
* Mosquitoes. (Yes, I am actually thrilled it will be winter when I get home.)
* Foreigner vs Locals fees.
* Crazy ass driving.
* Not understanding 95% of what is being said around me.
* Having to carry toilet paper around with me.
* White bread.

Things I'm looking forward to from home...

* A LUSH vanilla bath bomb in a hot bath.
* Going to the movies!
* Steak, baked potato, and a huge salad.
* Cheeseburger.
* KRAFT Mac and cheese.
* Bacon and sausage.
* Coffee with lots of cream and sugar.
* Bottle of Champagne to celebrate being home again.
* Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs from my friends.
* Ditto with cuddles.
* Gummy bears.
* Walking down the street and being virtually invisible.
* Space around me.
* My laptop.
* My teddy bear.
* A pair of comfy blue jeans.
* Familiarity with my environment.
* Dating again.
* Telling everybody about my awesome trip to India. :)
* Finding excuses to wear my sari.
* Celebrating the holidays with people I love.


  1. *huddles* it's the new huggy cuddles.

    I've actually got some free time this evening so am spending it catching up on your adventures. Can I say again how amazed I am that you've lasted all three months on your own?! I wouldn't have made it a week.

    Kimberly R.

    1. *huddles* That's awesome. Love it, and love you! I'm also impressed with myself for making it all three months, but I also learned that three months is a long time for me! One month, not enough. Three months, just a bit too much. I think I'll settle on two months for my next big adventure. :)

  2. We could do something about the "Crazy ass motorcycle ride" portion of the program, if you're so inclined.

    1. Love motorcycle rides, but I don't think we can properly recreate the absolute insanity of riding motorcycles in India. But I'm willing to go on a ride nonetheless! Many of them. :)