Monday, October 22, 2012

Drawing in Mumbai

I'm really chill this time around in Mumbai. Spending a lot of time sketching and wandering around aimlessly, just admiring the beautiful architecture in this city. I love it here.

The locals are tremendously curious when they see me drawing. Everybody stops to look at my drawing and nearly everyone wants to take photos of the drawing, of me drawing, of them with me drawing. It could get on my nerves but I have decided to just accept I am a novelty here and be happy that I've managed to make a lot of people happy. Except for the street kids. They do still irritate me. Sue me. :)

Anyway. I'm in Mumbai til Friday. There are so many things to draw here! But most days I just pick a direction and wander. I like that a lot. I am feeling very zen. It's pretty awesome.

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