Saturday, October 20, 2012


A week in Arambol was just what the doctor ordered.  Holy cow, so relaxed it is fantastic!  If I come back to Goa again in the future I will likely return to Arambol.  Met some more great people.  And I wish I could have stayed longer but I needed to continue my adventures, and laying on a lounge chair on the beach (while nice) was not the kind of adventure I came to India to find.

So I am now back in Mumbai.  Because I am not yet at 100% (mentally I am, but I came down with something in Goa and it has sapped a lot of my energy) I am not couch surfing.  It would have saved me a lot of money, but I need the space and freedom to come and go at my own pace so I found a relatively inexpensive guest house in an area of Mumbai called Colaba and will be staying here this week.  A woman I met on the train was able to split the cost of the room yesterday.  And a couple girls I met in Arambol are also now in Mumbai so I am hoping they come here and maybe I can share the cost with one of them while the other two get another double.  Otherwise tomorrow morning (I am swallowing the whole cost of the room tonight because Nelly is leaving today) I will switch the the cheaper (but not comfortable or secure) dorm beds for the rest of the week.

Anyway.  I have a ton more to write about.  I met some guys in Arambol who are also bipolar, and had a great discussion with one of them about travel and bipolar.  I gave him my card and hope he'll ping me on Facebook because I am currently putting together a list of questions I want to ask other people who are bipolar about traveling and use these interviews in the book I am writing.

Also met a guy who will possibly be joining me at the camel fair in late November.  Awesome British guy, who is just endlessly entertaining.

I just keep meeting great people.  This is what I love about traveling.  And what I will keep in mind as I continue this trip.

Today I am going to head out with my sketchbook and draw the Gateway to (or of) India.  It's a landmark.  And one I want to put down on paper rather than just photograph it.  Anyway.  Internet time's up.  Time to go now!  I'll try to update more frequently, but won't promise anything!

(And yes, I am feeling better.  The antibiotics I am taking seem to be working.  But keep keeping your fingers crossed!)

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