Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ways of saving money

I had not realized I had been robbed when I made all of my bookings last night.  I'd put my money in so many different places I just figured I hadn't found it yet when I was paying the guy.  I am not going to let myself get angry at myself for not being more careful because I was being careful.  I just know now to be even MORE CAREFUL in the future.  Shit happens. And that's why I am writing this blog.  Learning how to accept these things and move on and figure things out.

Help from afar is one thing, but not something I can or would expect to happen (just amazingly helpful if it happens).  So something my best friend suggested is to see if I can cancel and get a refund on part of what I have booked and spend that time someplace staying still again.  So I am canceling Varanasi and the Kama Sutra place.  I'll be getting a 50% refund, but any is better than none.  Yes, I'm missing very awesome pieces of India, but I'm less here to see ALL THE THINGS than here to have great experiences and meet people and have a good time.  So I'm not brokenhearted.  And I have now figured out a way to spend that excess time, so it all works out in a way it wouldn't have yesterday.

Another thing she suggested is to see if I can find a place to volunteer at for a while.  I'll be in Goa for a month.  I will look into volunteer opportunities down there that offer room and board for exchange for work.

I've been in Mumbai 4 hours and I'm already meeting people through  When I realized that my sister's in-laws would not be able to host me I jumped onto that website and sent out a plea for help for a place to stay tonight.  By the time I arrived in Mumbai I had five responses.  Including the first woman I pinged.  Her name is Divya Jay.  She is a market research writer, just moved here from Chennai and lives alone.  She is already amazingly kind and wonderful.  Tonight she had planned a couch surfing get together, so we'll be going to that.  Then a party here at her house.  So I will get to meet a bunch of people.  Both locals and whoever is couch surfing here in Mumbai right now who shows up to the event!

When I come back to Mumbai after my month in Goa I'll be couch surfing again and will have people to do things with here.  So I have decided to extend the stay in Mumbai rather than going to Varanasi.  Rajasthan will be staying the same. Though... and I am really annoyed by this.  The hostel I had booked for the camel fair canceled my reservation without notifying me!  So now I'm trying to find somewhere else.  Argh!

Anyway.  I am currently curled up comfortably in Divya's place while she is back at work for the rest of the afternoon.  We had met at her office and then she brought me back to the apartment and she made sure I was settled in and fed before heading back out.  I'm going to take a nap.  Naps are good things!  

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