Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stories of transit

I am so very happy that my boyfriend was able to accompany me from Boston to New York and see me off at the airport. He kept me from several panic attacks and kept me smiling and moving forward. First it was, "it's just a cab ride! You've been in a cab before, nothing to worry about." Then, "it's just a bus. One step at a time." He really understands how my anxiety works and how to keep me calm. Just one of many things I adore about him. :)

We didn't have a lot of time in NYC because I wanted to make sure I got to the airport with plenty of time. So lunch at the Tick Tok diner, then a walk to Bryant Park for people watching. We caught the E train to JFK. Then the tram to the airport. Took over an hour, but better to have given myself too much time than too little! I was annoyed that there weren't really anywhere for us to sit comfortably and be together til I had to go through security. But we found a quiet corner nonetheless and cuddled and talked til it was time.

I'm going to miss him tremendously. But with so much going on I'm sure he's right and we'll be together again before I know it. Time does move weirdly when you think about it.

Anyway... flights were great! I managed to get space next to me both times, and managed to sleep relatively well. Met and talked to a lot of random people at the airport in Helsinki after I came back from exploring the city for a bit. An American woman named Allison - hello if you read this! A German businessman bought me a beer. Chatted with a lovely Finnish woman who was to be on my flight to Delhi.

It's now almost 8pm here in Delhi. I'm still feeling slightly bushed, but am grateful to have been able to do not a thing today and just rest and relax. Tomorrow will be here soon and with it a bit of sightseeing!

Me with my packs - right before checking in at JFK.

Me with Curt on the Bolt Bus on our way to New York. Too early for either of us to be very awake yet.

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