Monday, September 3, 2012

On my way

I'm on the Bolt Bus from BOS to NYC. Expect to arrive around 11:30 or Noon. My flight out of JFK is at quarter to six, so we'll aim to get there at 3.

Yes, I've had multiple panic attacks. Must remember that breathing is good! Wish I'd had time for coffee this morning. Oh well. Bad for me anyway the day of a long flight.

Gauri and Rohit, the couple I'll be staying with in Delhi, have offered to pick me up from the airport. So kind! I'm glad I'm bringing them a nice bottle of pure maple syrup. They also get a copy of my ebook book collection.

Curt is asleep in the seat beside me. The poor darling is never up as early as we had to get up this morning. I'm so insanely happy he's coming to see me off. I don't feel nearly as alone. It's helping a lot.

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