Friday, September 21, 2012

Now I'm in Goa!

Let me list all the awesome for you...

1) Nicest hotel yet, a three minute or less walk to the beach, for only 300 rupees. $5.50, about.

2) Gorgeous beach! In a cove. With warm water begging to be played in.

3) Lots and lots of other travelers without being crowded. It's still the off season.

4) OMG the eye candy!!!

5) Beachside bar has free wifi! First time I've had access since Amritsar.

My plan was to be here for a week. That may be extended. I can already feel myself relaxing.

Oh yeah, as I'm typing this I'm drinking a sea breeze, I'm wearing a white bikini top with a sarong, and I'm listening to the sounds of surf.

Yeah, this is what I needed.

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