Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Made it to Delhi

I am happily set up in Rohit and Gauri's (Gauri rhymes with Lori) apartment. I have my own bedroom with an attached bathroom. Has AC, too! They are the most marvelous couple. Around my age. Rohit works in insurance to pay the bills, but his passion is flying. So he is also a pilot. Their little baby girl (six months old) is just so beautiful. Rohit picked me up from the airport and gave me running commentary on the things we passed as we drove home. I even saw cows in the road! I can't wait to get out and see some of these things up close and personal, but today I'm just taking it easy. Got a big hug from Gauri when we got home and we finally met. She is extraordinary. I am so thrilled I decided to give this couch surfing thing a try.

Rohit and Gauri have a boy who lives in the apartment with them who runs errands, does chores, and helps out. And a cook who comes once a day and a maid who comes once a week. They are not rich. This is just how things are in India. The population is so huge that house help is super super affordable. The apartment isn't big, but it feels very spacious. They have told me that I can feel free to leave my main pack here when I take off to visit Agra, and as long as Rohit's mom hasn't dropped in to visit I can stay with them again whenever I come through Delhi. No matter if I am staying overnight again here or not, I have already made friends in this delightful couple. I really do have a great ability to meet wonderful people. *Smiles*

I'm curled up in bed right now. I'm updating the blog, saying hi to a few friends who are online late at night, and will soon turn over and take a nap. Jet lag is catching up to me. I am glad for the night flights and my long layover in Helsinki. But I really need a nap!

I'll wake up for lunch. And then later, when Rohit gets home from work, Gauri will take me out and we'll do some clothes shopping. Sight seeing will commence tomorrow once I am all rested and ready to go!

~ Lori


  1. Airports really are very large rooms after all. B-)

  2. indonesia was similar, in that everyone with some means seemed to have servants of some type.