Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From Mumbai to Goa

I loved Mumbai.  And am so happy I have decided to come back after my month in Goa.  A group of nine of us took the ferry and went to the Elephanta Caves, and I experienced my first case of bribing the officials to get me through without paying the horrific "foreigner" prices.  10 rupees for Indians, 250 for foreigners.  So the guys gave the guard 100 and they let me through.

After the island we had time before my train, so ended up at a restaurant called Bhagdadi, and WOW yummy!  Then poked around inside the Taj Hotel (I have decided that I WILL stay there someday) and walking around before finding a place for a cold treat.

Another pain in transit happened when my train ticket got canceled.  But a woman I had met that day named Maria saved me that time by hosting me in her hotel room for the night.  I got to the train station the next day and spent all day on the train down to Goa.  Because I was arriving so late, another friend of a new friend came and picked me up from the train station and put me up in her family's home.

It's a huge mess, though, due to her mom being sick and the servants pretty much saying fuck it and not doing anything anymore.  So I don't think I'd be altogether comfortable being there for more than a day or two.  So today I came in to Margao and got a hotel room here for a couple of days.  Bargained the price down some, too.  I will look up some more friends of friends to stay with for a few days before I go north to Arambol.  That's where I think I want to be for several weeks.

But I do like Margao.  It's like big city India without the hassles of big city India.  You can find just about anything here.  It's colorful and smells of spices.  People friendly.  I sent my big items of clothes out to be washed and washed all the small stuff in the bucket and strung up a line to dry them.  Then I just grabbed my bag but no camera and went for a walk through the market.  Found a delicious dessert cookie thing called ??Dosh??  It's like a coconut shortbread thing and is just yummy yummy yummy.  Tried buying a pair of flip flops but they kept trying to charge me too much.  I'll go back another day when I am more in the mood to bargain hard.

Anyway, I'm still here and doing well.  Won't be popping online quite so often.  Lots more to say but no time right now to write.  Want to get back to my hotel room before it starts to rain.  I want to be sure I am there to pull in all my drying clothes.  Also need to just get some rest.

Be well, everyone!

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