Wednesday, September 12, 2012

16 hours of travel

Getting out of Srinagar and making my way to Amritsar was a relatively simple journey. Toot toot (autorickshaw) from the house boat. Grabbed a sporting a shared jeep to Jammu. Bus depot and a ticket to Amritsar. Bus to Amritsar. Cycle rickshaw to the first hotel in my guide book and a solid night's sleep.

What wasn't simple was how long the trip took me, nor how harrowing the Srinagar to Jammu portion of the trip would be, winding and twisting along narrow Himalayan roads with crazy drivers every moment along the way.

It was a beautiful day, though! So at least the roads were safely dry for once! I don't think we would have made it otherwise.

The bus to Amritsar was wicked cheap. 135 rupees for a six hour trip. That's not even $3. That's barely $2. And it was easy. I threw on my iPod and listened to show tunes the whole way. I was in desperate need of something familiar, and show tunes were what did it for me.

Because it was late when I arrived (11pm!) I just picked the first place recommended by my guide book. Thanks to the generosity of a friend I can go ahead and splurge for a few days and stay somewhere nice where I can relax and figure out where to go from here.

My parents have also stepped in in a huge way to help me out. They don't want me cutting my trip short. With all the work I put into this. All the sacrifices I've made. All the planning and excitement. So I am going to take tomorrow off from sight seeing (today was go go go!) and figure out what my next steps will be.

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