Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just 30 more days

I am so close to being as totally prepared for this trip as I can be!  I've got the travel health/evacuation insurance arranged (thank you to my friend Leon for the hat tip on where to go for the best price for this!  Medic Alert is great.), I've got all my vaccines taken care of, my water purifier figured out (it's really cool... called a SteriPen - the travel doctor in FL recommended it), got a spare pair of glasses ordered (after the experience in Ecuador when I lost the only pair of glasses I had I didn't want to risk that again for this trip) and I've either got or will borrow all the gear I need for my trip.  Only thing left to do is get my first aid kit put together and type up my notes then print my reservations and maps to put into the 3/4" three-ring binder I use for organizing paperwork!  EEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I continue alternating between excited and terrified, but the terrified no longer has that edge of panic that was plaguing me thanks to great advice by my friend Pasta that helped me put things in perspective.  I've got my budget under control.  And my boyfriend is coming with me to New York City on September 3rd to see me off at the airport.

To be honest, though, I still can't believe this is all really happening.  I've dreamed of this trip for so long... since I was a little kid and first read books like A Little Princess and Kim to start with and then on to A Passage to India as I got a little bit older.  And to have it about actually happen is just surreal.  I apologize to you in advance for being totally unable to talk about anything else at the moment.  *grins*  Every part of my being is tied up in thinking about this trip.  I simply can't help it.

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