Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Actually going - can't back out now

I bought my plane ticket to India.  Holy fucking fuck fuck fuck!  I am really doing this!  Up til now, even though I talk about the plan and planning and how excited I am, it was all still mostly just a dream.  At any moment, the dream could crash, I could change my mind, or something could happen that pushed me in another direction.

I have a plane ticket now.  September 3 through December 3.  With a lengthy layover in Helsinki both directions.  (Yes, I could have gone with a long layover in London... but I will go to London for real some day... when the hell am I ever going to go to Finland?)

Now I am committed.  Now, it's real.  And now I am terrified to death.  But fear will not stop me!  It can't.  I want this too much.

Holy fuck guys!  I am actually going to India for three months!!!

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