Friday, May 18, 2012

Old San Juan

Got my hoped for early start today. Woke up around 7 and since nobody else appeared to be nearing consciousness I decided to head out to explore on my own. Threw journal, sketchbook, and umbrella in my bag and took off to the bus stop. Old San Juan ahoy!

One of the forts already had a line of people waiting for it to open when I passed by. But it would have been half an hour of sitting around doing nothing so I decided I'd come back another day and go on a deeper explore. Today was just to check out the architecture and the pretty pretty colors of the buildings. And ho boy were there some bright colors! I don't know why it is that buildings those colors don't work in the slightest back home, yet I can't imagine buildings here painted in neutral (boring) tones. The bright colors are just exquisite.

The rain started just as I sat down to sketch in front of a beautiful sculpture garden bracketed by two banyon trees. So rather than quit I simply used my umbrella to protect my sketchbook and just kept at it! The storm passed quickly and as soon as I was done I put away both items and kept walking.

One thing I forgot yesterday before heading out was my sunblock. And I could tell I was beginning to get a sunburn. Whoops!!! So I figured I'd head back to the hostel, but took a roundabout route back to the bus stop and saw a lot more before saying adios.

I am definitely going back to that area. Preferably armed with sunblock next time!

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