Thursday, May 17, 2012

Greetings from San Juan!

First day through traveling and settling in has been remarkably perfect for my first time to a new place. Everything survived the flight from Tampa (though TSA were bitches to me after I asked to opt out of the screening in favor of the pat-down) and I didn't even have a long wait for the bag I had to check (thanks to TSA not liking Swiss army knives to show up in carry-ons).

Easy to find the exit and taxi stand. Very nice driver knew exactly where he was going when I told him the name of my hostel, and he really liked my pink hair! Said it was the exact color of the sunset. And sure enough... when I glanced out the window damned if he wasn't spot on!

The Hostel isn't in the greatest of neighborhoods, and it turns out you have a 15 minute walk before you get anywhere. But the place itself is comfortable. There are a lot of spots indoor and out for socializing. And so far the people have been super friendly! I've met three others from the Boston area. And have already made tentative plans to head out with a group to the Bacardi rum factory tomorrow morning.

Had a cheap dinner with a very nice guy from Boston. And joined in the reindeer games of going out for drinks with a big group put together by one of the girls who works here. Only had the capacity for a few drinks to start out with before calling it a night. Walked back with a couple of guys. Love my inner compass. Got back without a map and in the dark.

I'm a bit damp from getting caught in the rain earlier. But oh well! Even the rain here is perfect. *smiles*. My clothes will dry, and so will I.

Definitely time to sleep now. Alarm is set for 7:30. I usually don't need it when traveling. We'll see.

Good night!

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

    Have tons of fun!