Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Juan ho!!

My 32nd birthday is now less than a month away and I have finally figured out my plans. Well, so much as I've figured out the when, where, and how anyway.

When: May 16 - May 21.
Where: San Juan, Puerto Rico
How: Eh... wanted a cruise but a flight was cheaper. So I still haven't gone on a cruise. Someday I'd really like to fix this.

I've got a bed booked at the Palace Hostel. Found it through a combined LP and Hostel World search and it looks like a nice place. I don't have any real plans beyond that. I'm reading things on Wikitravel, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, and general Googling. I'll post more when I get a more concrete sense of what I hope to see and do while I'm there. Beyond laying on beaches and drinking fruity rum drinks, that is. *smiles*

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