Friday, October 7, 2011

Wandering and Shopping

27 December, 2010

Monday the 27th was my last day in Dresden. The shops had opened up again after the holiday, so we took the opportunity to do some wandering outside the historic district and see a funkier side of Dresden.

On the list of things to do and buy that day were:

- batteries for my camera... purchased at the Euro shop... remember this, it is very important for what happened on the 29th.

- chocolate... purchased in many places.

- presents for nieces and nephews and for friends and other family members.

- Pfunds Dairy... the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. I refused to buy anything there, though, because I was annoyed at the store for not allowing photos to be taken inside.

- Bine's favorite stationery store...

- ... which took us through a spectacular little area with some truly funky apartment buildings.

- Meissen porcelain... I had decided I would get one signature keepsake from both Dresden and Paris, and a piece of porcelain was my choice for Dresden.

We did yet more walking, and my leg finally decided it was tired of all the damn walking and started to hurt a great deal. Our original plan had been to see the Medieval Christmas market and then play games at the house. I was happy just playing games. It was perfect just kicking back and relaxing with friends for my last night there.

My flight the next day was at OH FUCK early in the morning, but we stayed up late playing games and laughing and drinking beer anyway.

I am really missing Dresden. I had no preconceptions about what to expect before I went, so everything was a delight. The city was beautiful and fun. And my friends were amazing. I can't wait to go back and see it again in the spring at some point. Or just go back. I'd be okay with that, too. :)

Just a local bar that amused me.

Pippi Longstocking outside a used bookstore!

A super neat apartment building in a funky area of Dresden.

Cathy and Me after a day of shopping.

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