Sunday, October 16, 2011

Packing - random thoughts right before a big trip

I leave on Tuesday, but I am packing today. It's a damn good thing I'd already made a list, because I am so scatterbrained today that I am sure I would forget everything!

Right now I have everything spread out on my bed. I have my bags open. Trying to decide where to put things. I have one smaller bag that gets stuffed into the larger bag to be used at the end of my trip to carry new items home with me.

Don't forget sunblock! I'll need sunblock.

Ah! I found my sketchbook! Good.

In my first aid kit one of those "just in case" things I am bringing is a supply of non-latex gloves. I have no idea if I'll need medical care while I'm down there. And I have no idea just how non-latex friendly it is down there. They hardly take up any room, so why not? I have plenty of non-latex band-aids, too.

OMG! I leave in two days!!!


A few things I have learned recently:

* Ecuador uses American plugs. So I don't need to bring an adapter.

* Taking the train from Quito to Cotopaxi is only $4.50. DUDE! I must ride on the train! You can ride on the roof. I want to ride on the roof of a train.

* My sandals rub my pinkie toe just enough to be irritating. Band-aids will cure this.

I still have a million questions and things on my mind. Packing helps take my mind off those things.

Tomorrow I need to go to the bank. And then change my voicemail saying I'm going out of the country and will be back on November 8.

Anybody who matters knows I'll still be reachable by email.

Anything I'm not thinking about? Or am I thinking too much? I do that sometimes.

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