Friday, October 7, 2011

Christmas in Germany

24/25 December, 2010

Christmas Eve in Germany is when the big meal is served and presents are opened around the Christmas tree. So after taking a much needed nap after my flight, a wonderful night of homemade food made by Cathy (OMG with the NOM!!!) was enjoyed, followed by many presents being exchanged.

Bine made a wonderful list of things to do and places to see, so after catching up on sleep... Christmas day came around and we made our plans after a scrumptious SCRUMPTIOUS breakfast of many varieties of cold cuts and cheeses. (Nudossi and plum jam are my favorite things ever, now. I brought back a large container of each.)

It was decided that we would go visit Meissen, a small town just a little northwest of Dresden. It had been snowing pretty hard all night, but the car got dug out and with the help of two strong women pushing (ie, me and Bine) Cathy was able to get the car out of its parking spot and onto the road.

A few things I learned about Meissen:

1) Its cathedral (pictured above) is the smallest in Europe.

2) It is where the first porcelain in Europe was produced.

It was snowing heavily and was cold cold cold that day. But the three of us soldiered on and I had a ton of fun taking pictures of the town lit up for the holidays.

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